Thursday, 16 February 2017

What Are The Benefits Of A Confinement Nanny In Singapore?

Confinement is the period of recuperating the body after childbirth. This period usually lasts for around 30 to 40 days after giving birth though it can extend beyond this number of days depending on the state of the mother. During this period, the new mother eats nutritious confinement dishes and gets plenty of rest.

Who is a confinement nanny in Singapore?

A confinement nanny is a person who takes care of a new mother and their newborn baby for a particular amount of time from the time of birth. The caretaker is an experienced and knowledgeable person who provides special care to mothers and their newborn babies so that they can recover from the delivery.

A confinement nanny prepares nutritious confinement dishes for the mother to help her recover and gain strength. She also performs confinement household chores such as washing the infant’s clothes.

What are the benefits of a confinement nanny in Singapore?

Fosters physical and mental wellness
Giving birth to a baby is very taxing on the human body especially if you are a new mother. It’s a life changing experience that disrupts the normal routine causing stress. A confinement nanny will answer all questions that are bothering you and help you alleviate anxiety. She wills also advice you on how to take care of your baby the right way. Most importantly, they know the best foods to prepare for you to enhance your recuperating process.

Usually , new mothers are at the risk of suffering from postpartum depression as a result of lack of enough sleep and hormonal fluctuations. If not overcome early enough, postpartum depression can have severe effects on a new mother and their baby. An adequately knowledgeable baby nanny helps to overcome this condition in many ways. She is able to detect the signs of depression early enough than anybody else in a family since they are trained and have vast experience in caring for new mothers.

Moreover, a confinement nanny will keep you at ease and prevent depression by ensuring you get enough sleep . They also prevent anxiety by answering the pressing questions from a mother and confronting any concerns.

A baby nanny in Singapore will keep you company during the period you will be taking care of your baby. New mothers tend to have a feeling of loneliness during the first months of giving birth. At this crucial time they need someone to talk to and share their worries with.

A confinement nanny is experienced in taking care of new mothers and their babies. Regardless of the number of children you have, she will always have more experience than you given that she has been professionally trained. Getting one will ensure that you learn the basics of baby care. In fact, there are many things you can learn that will help you take care of your other older children better.

Get adequate sleep 
A new mother losses a lot of blood while giving birth and for them to recover quickly, they need to have enough rest. This will also ensure there is sufficient breast milk for the infant. And since newborn babies need to be attended to almost all the time, it may be difficult for the mother to balance between the two. This is where a confinement lady comes in handy. They will help you feed the baby while you take rest. You do not have to wake up now and then to attend to your newborn.

Allow you to have more time with your other loved ones
Taking care of a newborn baby in Singapore is not an easy affair. It will take all your time. But with a confinement nanny, you can devote your time to your husband and other older children.

A confinement nanny will train you the basics of taking care of a newborn baby including feeding , bathing , changing diapers and other duties. This will help you take good care of your other babies in future. Moreover, she will teach you how to cook nutritious and delicious dishes.

So what are some of the virtues should I look out for in a good confinement nanny in Singapore?

i) A good and caring nanny should have an optimistic mind-set
A great caretaker during confinement should have a positive attitude at all times. Someone who is always complaining makes it even harder for the mother to recuperate from the delivery. Additionally, the mother will have hard times given that they will spend most of the time together every day. A good nanny should be relaxed and friendly. She should motivate the mother and alleviate anxiety even when the condition of the two is not good.

ii) A good nanny should love babies
A confinement nanny should be a person who shows natural affection to babies. Your baby’s needs and comfort should be their concern. They should enjoy taking care of you and your baby rather than taking it as a bother.

iii) Responsible
A confinement nanny should know her duties and take them seriously. They should stay on top of things and provide ultimate care for a new mother and their infant. A good nanny should be attentive to your needs of the mother as well as those of the baby.

iv) Patient
Newborn babies can be demanding. A good baby nanny should be patient enough to cater to the needs of the baby without getting pissed off.

Finding a confinement nanny in Singapore

Ask for recommendations
You can ask for recommendations from family members, friends, or co-workers. These are among the people who can give you honest recommendations for a confinement nanny in Singapore. You can as well ask for recommendations from hospitals that provide nanny training courses. There are many hospitals throughout Singapore that offer training programs for nannies , and can help you find a qualified and experienced nanny. Alternatively, you can seek help from reputable nanny agencies in Singapore.

Conduct interviews 
Before hiring a baby nanny in Singapore, it’s a good idea to interview prospective nannies. By asking a few questions regarding the job , you will not only get to know the nanny better, you will also understand her and know how she will carry out her duties. During the interview, try hard to dig deep into her experience.

Generally, finding a great confinement nanny in Singapore takes time, patience and proper research.

Clearly define your confinement nanny’s duties

Most new mothers in Singapore confuse the duties of a confinement nanny with that of a domestic helper. A confinement nanny should perform only those duties that match their job description. Do not burden your baby nanny with other house chores not meant for her or even looking after your other older children.

The monthly salary for a confinement nanny is Singapore starts from $2,000 upwards. You can give her an additional token at the end of her service period if you wish.

There is a high demand for nannies in Singapore nowadays and this has led to an increasing number of knowledgeable foreigners providing these services. As a result, the Singapore Ministry of Manpower requires anyone hiring a foreign live-in baby nanny to apply for a work permit at a fee.

A good and caring confinement nanny ensures a new mother is well fed, well rested, and happy.