Saturday, 24 June 2017

Important Tips for Hiring a Confinement Nanny for Your Newborn

Hiring a reliable confinement nanny seems to be a daunting task. However, if you manage to hire the right confinement nanny, she will render a wonderful support, especially in the first few months of your infants. Confinement nannies will carefully look after your newborn baby and take a good care of them. Additionally, they will even feed your infants at night so that you can enjoy a blissful and peaceful sleep. Few confinement nannies may help you performing your daily household chores, such as sweeping, mopping floors, and cooking etc.

Therefore, you have now understood that a reliable and experienced confinement nanny can offer you the ultimate help and support, particularly following the childbirth or in the post-partum period. However, it's not that easy to hire a confinement nanny of your newborn baby. Obviously, as a parent, you can never leave your young little kids in the hands of unreliable and untrustworthy nannies. So, if you are truly concerned on how to hire the best confinement nanny for your baby, then read the following sections and reveal five incredibly important tips.

Five Incredibly Important Tips for Hiring a Confinement Nanny for Your Newborn

Tip # 1: Explore the Available Agencies: If you are a resident of Singapore who's planning to hire a confinement nanny, then the first and foremost step will be to explore the agencies that allow you to hire a caring nanny for your kids. Luckily for you, many Singaporean agencies let you hire a nanny according to your individual needs, finances, and lifestyle. Furthermore, these agencies will allow hiring a replacement nanny if your existing confinement nanny suddenly quits her job or falls sick.

Tip # 2: Seek Your Family and Friends for Their Personal Recommendations: If you are looking forward to hiring a reliable nanny that will take a good care of your newborn, then it's recommended to ask your family members and friends for their personal references (if they have). For an example, many of your friends, relatives, and colleagues might have already hired an honest and trustworthy nanny who offered an excellent care of their children. So, don't hesitate to seek their personal recommendations before you hire a nanny for your own baby.

Tip # 3: Keep a Close Eye on Her Care-giving Values & Personality: Does your confinement nanny seem to be patient and nurturing? Or, is she extremely strict and stringent when it comes to following certain confinement practices and/or traditions?

Obviously, no two people can possess exactly alike skills and behaviors. That's why it is natural that confinement nannies feature different mindsets, styles, and attitudes when it comes to offering caregiving service during the post-partum recovery.

However, your nanny should not be too much forceful and insistent. Rather, she should be quite sensitive to your requirements, desires, and needs. As a parent, you may have already decided to look after your newborn in a particular way. However, the nanny may want to follow a different style of caregiving technique. In such scenarios, it will induce unnecessary conflicts and clashes. To overcome this issue, it's important to make transparent communication with your nanny. Make sure to communicate openly so that she can understand your preference and requirements.

Tip # 4: Ask About the Deposit Amount & Inquire If She Needs a Work Permit: The average cost of hiring a confinement nanny in Singapore is around $2,000 per month. Additionally, most of them will require you to pay a lumpsum deposit before the confinement month. On top of that, an additional token is expected to be paid after the end of her service period. However, the provision of paying this additional token solely depends on your own discretion. So, if you are hiring a nanny in Singapore, do not forget to discuss how much amount you will need to deposit before the confinement month.

The number and availability of experienced and reliable nannies in Singapore are pretty limited. Considering this factor, the competent foreigners have already started to make themselves available for offering a caregiving service in the post-partum period. Nevertheless, according to the rules and regulations of Ministry of Manpower of Singapore, if anyone wants to hire a foreign confinement nanny, the parents will need to apply for her work permit & pay a levy.

To obtain the work permit, you'll need to visit the local immigration office and complete the required paperwork before the appointed nanny begins her work. Note, this rule is only applicable to the foreigners since the local citizens can begin their work right away. Hence, before hiring a confinement nanny, it's important to understand if she is a foreigner or local Singaporean resident. Based on the outcome, you may have to take adequate steps before the nanny starts working.

Tip # 5: Be Clear About Your Nanny's Duties and Responsibilities: Your confinement nanny is not a maid or domestic helper. She is a reliable caretaker and supportive companion who will proficiently assist you in the post-partum period. Most nannies may offer adequate help and assistance in your regular household chores. For an instance, they will cook food for your kids, wash their clothes, and render a general care for the baby. However, it is always recommended to clearly discuss her roles, duties, and responsibilities (before hiring).

Plus, while you are taking an interview of your confinement nanny, you can ask her about any contingency plans, for example, who can replace her if she falls ill.

Obviously, a confinement nanny is the reliable source of help, support, and assurance. Ideally, confinement nannies should have a pleasant, friendly, and helpful personality. Additionally, they should possess enough expertise and experience on how to handle a newborn baby. A caring confinement nanny will take an important part in your post-partum recovery. If the appointed nanny doesn't really fulfill your requirements or she is hindering your own recovery, then act wisely, politely talk to her about the situation, and find another nanny (if required).


With this, you have now revealed five important and essential tips on hiring a perfect confinement nanny that can offer an immense care and attention to your infant. Also, keep the aforementioned information handy and analyze the above-mentioned factors wisely before hiring a confinement nanny.