Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Tips, Pointers and Do’s When Hiring A Confinement Nanny

Before we proceed any further, what is a confinement nanny? Usually, it is the grandparents, but in most cases, it is an individual who helps the mother in her transition from giving birth into motherhood. 100% of the time the mother NEEDS to recover from childbirth and someone must provide for the immediate needs of both the mother and the baby. Often times grandparents take care of this job as they are also super excited about their grandchild. However, there will be cases that they are not going to be available. This is where confinement nannies come in.

Confinement Nannies are hired to assist the new mother to be as she is getting back from maternal rest. Most often new mothers still have to both adapt and adjust to numerous things they did not use to do. Like changing nappies, washing dirty nappy clothes, feeding the baby, stopping the baby from crying and so on. One cannot simply adjust in a snap of the finger from being a childless woman to a mother. These things take time, practice and a lot of patience.

Now Let’s take into consideration what are the key points and basis when getting a confinement Nanny and discuss each of them:

● The role that the nanny plays
● Delegating the tasks
● Choosing between reference and professional agencies
● How long you will be availing the nanny’s services
● Trusting is good but sometimes too much can hurt you

The Role The Nanny Will Play

Let’s take a look at all the roles that come with the new born baby and the regular house chores:

● Preparing the food (baby, other kids/family members, and husband)
● Washing the Clothes
● Cleaning the house
● Groceries
● Looking after the kids
● Budgeting for the food
● Taking the baby out for early morning sun
● Changing Diapers
● Feeding the baby
● Giving attention to the baby
● Watching over other kids (if there are any)
● And countless other tasks depending on your household

Now, you have to weigh in, do you have enough manpower in the house to fill in for the roles you as a new mother cannot do in the meantime? If yes, then there is really no need for you to hire a confinement nanny. Else, you need to look into more factors.

Delegating the tasks
Now once you have determined that you and the family members cannot provide everything that is needed and decided to hire a nanny. You must then distribute the tasks to every able body to lessen the burden from the nanny. Because the baby is supposed to be of highest priority and is the main reason why you are hiring a nanny.

Once you have distributed the task, talk to everyone and explain why the situation requires them to do so and it is for the baby’s good. When everyone understands and agrees, that’s about the time you proceed into hiring the nanny. However, do not forget to explain the role of the nanny in the household. If there are tasks that you will require her then explain it thoroughly so that you can get the best out of the services you will pay for.

Choosing between referrals and agencies
Referrals are usually the way to go, as your friends and acquaintances have most likely had personal experience with some nannies and was very satisfied with the services. Also most of the time these nannies will be much cheaper compared to professional agencies. Almost 100% of the time these nannies are also very warm and loving to the people they give their services to. These can be also present with the professional nannies however there is a lot of difference in both experience, approach, and attitude. Needless to say, the better choice is the nanny that will give that impact to you.

Mother’s instincts are almost 100% of the time correct so it is best to go with your gut feeling. However, if the circumstances do not give you a referral. There will always be professional agencies that will provide quality and expert confinement services available online, through forums or local agencies you can find around your area. Do not hesitate to make inquiries and take notes of what each of them specializes in. As these things will help you narrow down which is going to be the best nanny for the job.

How long the services will be availed
Give the length of the hiring a thought. Assess the situation and determine how long will it take for you and your family to adjust to having a newborn baby. And how you will transition into having no nanny at all. All of these things must be worked out before the contract ends. As the mother gets healthier, the nanny should not be doing most of the work anymore, eventually, she will be there just to assist, give some tips, and in a case of emergencies fill in for the tasks the mother should be doing.

The nannies should not be there forever because as the maternal parent, it is the mother’s job to do everything, the nanny is just there for transitioning. And therefore must not be considered as permanent.
Putting in the right amount of Trust

Trust is one of the most important things in this process. And with all honesty there are times, some, by some, it means let’s say at least 5% of the time bad things happen, but that happens all over the world it could mean that all of that 5 % happen in other countries and not Singapore.

There are cases that some babies were abused, some were cases of violence and some were cases of theft. But this does not discourage you from hiring a nanny. It only serves as a lesson on how to avoid such things from happening. And that is also the reason you are reading this, here are some points and tips you can do to avoid them

1. First and the most important is get to know the nanny before hiring them
2. Explain thoroughly the nanny’s limitations
3. Keep your things especially valuables safe and not accessible
4. There’s always an option of setting up hidden cameras
5. Treat the nanny well
6. Do not ignore any requests from the nanny especially if it’s important
7. Place yourself in the nanny’s shoes when deciding things

These are just some of the things we can advise, most of the other things will come from experiences, life as a mother is a never ending experience and opportunity to learn, love and appreciate both you and your child’s life.