Sunday, 27 August 2017

Confinement Nannies – Mothers from the Heart

There are few of us who are fortunate enough to have our mothers and sisters as a helping hand when it comes to taking care of our newborns. But what if you do not have family members staying with you? What if they cannot babysit for the entire day? It is extremely essential to hire a responsible confinement nanny in order to provide affirmation and the extra needed help to mothers and new born babies during the postpartum stage. The period after the birth of the baby is crucial for both the mother and the child. After nine long months of pregnancy, it is vital for women to get some rest, relax and rejuvenate. At the same time, the new born soul constantly demands
attention, making it very hard for mothers to recover from postpartum depression. Hiring a confinement nanny is, therefore, the wisest decision that can be taken in such a situation.

Why should you opt for a confinement nanny?

· As a mother of a new born, you will be able to take better care of your baby only when you are in a healthy state of body and mind. Proper nutrition, adequate sleep and hydration are exceedingly important to recover from postpartum depression. Certain pregnancy symptoms prevail even after the baby has been delivered. It is, therefore, advised by the doctors that new mothers should be given extra care and attention. Traditional confinement nannies excel in preparing nutritious meals which help mothers in regaining their energy and build immunity as the body is more prone to infections during the postnatal period. Proper nutrition is also important as it helps in producing an adequate quantity of milk in the breasts for the child to feed on.

· Confinement nannies not only assist you in getting healthier. They help you transform into a mother. Babies do not function according to a prescribed schedule. They would weep for milk every now and then, sleep and wake up at odd hours and cry their hearts out on not getting enough attention. An experienced confinement nanny effectively takes care of all these things while ensuring you get enough rest and a proper night’s sleep.

Those of you who are becoming or have become parents for the first time should take extra care and consider hiring a confinement nanny to assist you in raising your child for a few weeks or a few months. Bathing a newborn or massaging their fragile body needs to be done very carefully. A confinement nanny can help you learn how to do the daily chores of your baby. They take care of all the requirements of the baby, from changing their diapers to cleaning their milk bottles. They also help in arranging relaxing bath sessions for the mother and can help you with ample information and tips on breast feeding.

Things to keep in mind while hiring a confinement nanny

· Trusting someone with your piece of heart – your baby, is a big thing. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary you get every piece of information about a nanny before hiring her. And plus, it is not very simple to find one. It would be sensible to start looking for one while you are in your third or fourth month of pregnancy. This ensures that you have ample time on hand to do your research and make the right choice when it comes to trusting a stranger with your baby. Ask your friends who have previously hired confinement nannies for guidance on good nannies. Get in touch with agencies in Singapore that can help you hire professional confinement nannies. Connect to mothers on forums online and get to know their experiences and recommendations.

The confinement nanny you choose to hire should be considerate towards your child and you. It is highly advisable to meet the nanny a few times and get to know her nature and get an insight into her character. It is very important that both of you understand each other. Be very clear about the tasks you want her to perform and also get an idea about her willingness to indulge in your requested activities. Keep your expectations real and discuss everything before the hiring process in order to avoid conflict or dispute in the coming times. It is also your duty to treat your confinement nanny with respect and do not think of her as a domestic helper. If you get along well and have a clear understanding of each other, your postpartum phase will get so much better and easier to get through.

·You can hire a confinement nanny for anywhere between two weeks and a maximum of 16 weeks as per your convenience. You can even choose to hire the confinement nanny for only the day or only the night time. This system works very well for those mothers who have family members available at certain times of the day and can look after the babies. For those of you living alone, I would suggest hiring a full-time confinement nanny. There are confinement nannies available fluent in multiple languages and have worked for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and a lot of other families.

· Hiring a confinement nanny for your postpartum journey could cost you anywhere between $2200 and $4500. You might even have to pay for the work permit of a Malaysian nanny. Addition charges may be applicable for the tasks not included in the package at the time of hiring a confinement nanny. The prices vary largely depending on the kind of services demanded. Once you find an ideal confinement nanny, pay a deposit amount and appoint her for the coming days. Go through the clause of the company to settle any matter which could arise in the near future. Consider the pros and cons of all your actions. Make sure that the agency from which you hire your confinement nanny is MOM-certified.

The quest for an ideal confinement nanny is a long one. But once you are able to find the suitable nanny for your child and yourself, your journey to parenting will become peaceful as you will gradually learn taking care of your baby. If you are becoming parents for the second or third time, hiring a confinement nanny will ensure that all your time is not invested just on your newborn baby. This way, you will be able to spend time with your older children as well and thus they will not feel neglected. I hope you have an amazing journey as parents!