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Choosing The Right Confinement Nanny – A Checklist

Feelings of weariness after pregnancy, being overwhelmed and having no idea of if what you are doing is right or wrong, are pretty common for new mothers. It is hard work to have to tend to a newborn baby while you are recovering from the birthing process yourself.

You need to take active steps to make sure both you and baby are getting the right nutrition in the crucial 3 months after pregnancy. If this is too much for you to manage by yourself, you may want to consider hiring a confinement lady.

What Is A Confinement Lady?

A confinement lady is a nanny who has specialized experience with post partum care of both the child and the mother.

The confinement nanny will stay with the family for a period of 4 – 16 weeks to help make sure that mother and baby have the right, expert help and support they need to lead healthy lives. Their main assignment is to see to it that the mother as well as the baby gets through the common postpartum challenges.

Part Time Versus Full Time Confinement Nanny Schedule

Depending on your needs and affordability, you may want to choose to go in for a full time or a part time confinement nanny. Remember that confinement nannies are much in demand so it is a good idea to book one well in advance of the birth.

Part time confinement nanny - A part time confinement nanny is general available for baby care and mother care during the daytime. The general timings are 9AM to 6PM. During this time, the expectations from a confinement nanny will to

• Prepare nutritious traditional food for the new mother.
• Provide all the traditional baby care. They will be responsible for some basic chores around the home so that the mother gets rest. Some of these include sweeping the house, mopping the floor, laundry for mother and baby clothes, cleaning the kitchen and so on.
• Buy groceries if required

Full time confinement nanny -
A full time confinement nanny will stay with the mother and newborn at their home for a time frame between 4 – 16 weeks, based on the dependency of the new mother on the confinement lady.

The duties of a full-time confinement nanny are more or less the same as those done by a part-time one, only that the extent of commitment is deeper.

Rate Of Services For Confinement Lady

Hiring a confinement nanny can be quite an expensive deal. This is because of the time devoted toward new child care as well as the expertise that the confinement nanny brings. Here is a general idea of the expenses you will incur when you choose to hire a confinement nanny in Singapore:
Two red envelopes (Ang Pow): Up to $200 each. It is tradition for the confinement nanny to be given one red envelope when she arrives at the home and one red envelope when she leaves the home. The standard minimum amount of money they contain is $30, while the maximum can even go as high as $200.

Basic salary: $2800. The basic salary is easily the highest expense that you will incur. An experienced full time confinement lady may even charge as much as $4000. A part time confinement nanny may charge a basic salary of $1600 to $3200. Of course, these are the prevailing industry rates so various factors may cause slight variances. For instance, a confinement nanny in urban Singapore might charge slightly higher than these rates as compared to those working in rural settings.

Work permit: $30. In case you are hiring a confinement nanny from a neighbouring country, you will need to pay for her work permit through the Ministry of Manpower. This can cost you $30, which is a small price to pay for legal, full time help.

Confinement levy: $60 per month for Singaporeans and $265 per month for non-Singaporeans. As with any other maid services, a levy is payable by the employer when hiring a confinement lady.
Extra charges during festivals: Confinement nannies usually prefer not to work during the festive season, which is why their rates are considerably higher during this time. Be prepare to shell out anywhere between $3500 and $4500 as the basic salary of the confinement nanny during the holidays.

Other charges:
Other charges can include the fees you will pay to the agency and any medical charges incurred for the confinement nanny.

o Agency fees:
Different agencies will charge different one time fees for a confinement lady, or this fee may be bundled in the package cost.

o Medical insurance:
Medical insurance of at least $15,000 is required for the confinement nanny as stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower.

o Medical checkup:
This is optional in case the confinement nanny requires to visit a doctor during her stay with you. The charges may go up to $200.

Benefits Of Hiring a Confinement Lady

Even though the cost of hiring a confinement lady is prohibitive, the benefits of having full time help far outweigh these charges. There are many reasons why you will need a confinement nanny to care for the newborn child and its mother:

Preparing healthy and traditional food for the mother: After pregnancy, the mother will have special dietary needs so that she is providing healthy breast milk to the child and is able to regain her health. Confinement nannies are expected to prepare a variety of healthy, nutritious traditional food for the mothers during this time such as black fungus chicken wine soup or beef cooked with ginger.

Proper baby care:
An inexperienced mother can find it very stressful and challenging to understand how to care for her baby properly. This is where a confinement nanny’s expertise can help. The nanny will bathe the baby properly, give the baby a massage, put them to sleep correctly, ensure they feed properly.

Performing household chores: A confinement lady is expected to perform basic household chores to ease the burden on the new parents. This can include cleaning the house as well as the kitchen, washing the clothes of the baby and mother, buying groceries and so on.

Caring for the mother: A new mother needs a lot of emotional and physical support in the weeks following the delivery. It is important to have an expert confinement nanny take care of these needs so that she recovers well enough to resume her normal activities as soon as possible.

Select the right confinement lady who has the vital mix of skills and experience to perform proper baby care after the birth process. These services are very important to the well being of the family.